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The Value of Training for Your Employees

I was speaking with a client at dinner recently and she mentioned to me that her organization was looking to cut training because they couldn’t see the value in it. She was frustrated as you can imagine. Her boss believes that employees would rather have a few extra dollars in their paychecks rather than take […]

Do You Learn From Experience?

Do you learn from your experiences? The most effective leaders learn from their experiences of the week. They are willing, able and ready to learn – they are not arrogant enough to assume they know it all.

Learning from experience is especially essential in developing critical skills – communication, negotiation, emotional intelligence. Every day […]

The difference between learning and understanding

Learning is a fairly linear phenomenon. You examine a decision, look at the outcome, and determine the causal chain. It is incredibly useful, as well as simple and straightforward. This is, usually, the manner in which we educate others and ourselves. Do this and get that.On the Job training on the latest process or policy […]

4 Easy Tips to Get More Out of Conferences

Conferences are not a cheap investment in your professional development; and you certainly want to choose which ones you attend carefully. Before arriving, and while there, follow these four simple and easy ways to be sure you get the most out of the conference:

Plan ahead. What sessions will you attend? Who is going that […]

Poll Question: What are some methods you use to gain new skills and knowledge?

There are a variety of ways to increase your skills and knowledge – training classes are just one way. What are some ways that you use to increase your skills and knowledge? Are you more creative in how you go about learning new skills based on the need to save money or reduced training budgets […]