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Providing Opportunities for Employees When Career Paths Do Not Exist

Not every role in an organization has a clear and specific career path for employees to progress through their roles. But this does not mean that you can’t provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and take on leadership roles. Be creative!

Here are some ways to provide employees with opportunities to develop skills, grow professionally and personally, and learn leadership skills.

  • Provide training programs employees can take advantage of
  • Enable for employees to participate in cross-functional projects
  • Ask employees to plan company social events
  • Have employees lead brainstorming sessions, team meetings, or problem-solving sessions
  • Ask employees to mentor new employees
  • Task employees with leading process improvement initiatives
  • Provide time and support for volunteer opportunities
  • Help employees get on non-profit boards by providing connections

These are just a handful of ways that organizations can support the development of employees who may not have specific career path opportunities. Providing options will enable for organizations to attract and retain top talent in any role and keep them engaged in the organization.

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