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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters for Leaders

Emotional intelligence (EI) is out ability to understand our own emotions and manage those emotions. It also enables us to understand and manage the emotions of others.

Strong EI as a leader means leaders have stronger working relationships across the organization, collaborate and communicate more effectively with others, and can influence others to achieve goals; sharing a vision that engages people in the work of the organization.

Strong EI enables for better handling conflict and difficult situations without losing our cool or perspective.

Strong EI enables leaders to manage upset or angry individuals, remaining cool, calm, and collected.

Strong EI enables leaders to be more resilient – to bounce back quicker from adverse situations and adapt to change; and help employees to do the same.

When leaders display less than strong EI, it impacts employees. They are afraid of making mistakes, or don’t tell leaders about problems. They may be afraid leaders will get angry and blame the employee (lashing out in the face of a difficult situation rather than using EI to remain calm.) Employees become disengaged and just want to “lay low” in the organization – staying under the radar of less than emotionally intelligent leaders. Over time, top talent leaves the organization. No one wants to work for a leader with low EI.

You can improve your EI! However, you have to want to do so and see the value of strong EI. Contact Abudi Consulting Group to learn how we can help you develop EI skills in your leaders and your employees.

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