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Reduce Human Resource’s Non-Value Added Work by Utilizing an Employee Portal

Employee Portal

It is possible to reduce the amount of non-value added work done by Human Resources (HR) by utilizing an employee portal. When the amount of non-value added work is reduced, HR is better able to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Consider that HR is asked any number of questions on any given day…

How do […]

Using 360’s in the Organization

360 Assessment

Do it right the first time!

360 assessments are a great way to evaluate development needs as well as performance of employees throughout the organization – from the top down, across, and from the bottom up. Some organizations use 360s solely for professional development planning; others use it as part of the performance review process. […]

Communicate About the Rollout of Your Training Program


When rolling out new training programs in your organization, be sure to provide as much communication about the program as possible. This gets the employees excited about and interested in the program – thereby increasing the success of the program within the organization. Many of Abudi Consulting Group’s clients use a nomination and qualification process […]

How High is Employee Morale in Your Organization?

Ask These Questions of Your Employees to Gauge Employee Morale Levels

Do your employees love where they work? Do employees seem happy at work? Are they collaborating with each other? Is so – morale is likely high in the workplace. When an organization focuses on employee morale, employees are happier and top talent is likely […]

Enabling for Employees to be Successful - Part 3

This is the last part of a 3 part article on how to enable for employees to be successful in their work. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

The Day of the 3 Hour Session with Executives

Ten executives and senior level leadership attended the session. Two of the investors started the session, along with […]