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Do You Have a Professional Network?

You need one!

Every professional needs a network. A network enables for:

Finding new opportunities Branding yourself Sharing knowledge Getting support in solving problems Learning from others Exploring new areas

There are two main thoughts on building a network – should you build and nurture a small network or have a larger one. For me […]

Support Employee Networking

Enabling for time for employees to network and socialize with each other during the work week encourages and promotes:

Sharing of knowledge and best practices Transfer of skills Innovative ideas and creativity in problem solving Less conflict among employees due to stronger relationships and more open communications

Enabling for networking time does not have to […]

4 Easy Tips to Get More Out of Conferences

Conferences are not a cheap investment in your professional development; and you certainly want to choose which ones you attend carefully. Before arriving, and while there, follow these four simple and easy ways to be sure you get the most out of the conference:

Plan ahead. What sessions will you attend? Who is going that […]

How to Work a Social Event

Social events (cocktail parties, networking events, parties, conferences, etc.) are great ways to network and sell yourself and your business. Let’s face it – they help you to make connections that might pay off in the long run with a job offer or business. But not everyone is comfortable with such events. And certainly you […]

The Power of Networking

Networking is essential in today’s world. (How’s that for stating the obvious!) Regardless of whether you enjoy networking or not – and many people just don’t enjoy it – it is important for your career growth and advancement to develop strong networking skills. You are not necessarily going to find your next job via a […]