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Successful Mentoring Programs

The First Few Meetings Matter!

The first few meetings of mentors and protégé (or mentee) makes a significant difference in the success of the mentoring program.

These initial meetings are about building relationships and establishing trust. Mentoring cannot be successful if trust does not exist. Mentoring is a longer-term relationships focused on helping […]

Human Resources & Learning & Development – Are You Providing Training Programs for your Senior Leaders?

We don’t often consider the need for training, or professional development, opportunities for senior leaders. We do, however, consider what training is needed for nearly all other employees in the organization and may even have training programs in place for various groups/levels of employees. But senior leaders in the organization need learning opportunities also; […]

What Change Initiatives(Projects) Will You Launch in 2020?

It’s that time of year when Abudi Consulting Group starts to work with our clients to determine large, complex change initiatives that will be launched in the new year. The information for the types of change initiatives to be launched usually focuses on one or more of the following:

Those projects that will enable […]

Hey Leaders – How about the impact of change on you?

Leaders are told to consider the impact of a change on the team they are leading; but what about them? What about the impact of change on the leader him or herself? As a leader how you ever considered the impact of a change on you?

In consulting with leaders around change, I always […]

Providing Opportunities for Employees When Career Paths Do Not Exist

Not every role in an organization has a clear and specific career path for employees to progress through their roles. But this does not mean that you can’t provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and take on leadership roles. Be creative!

Here are some ways to provide employees with opportunities to develop […]