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Four Steps to Better Plan Your Day

When we take the time to plan the day ahead, we realize a number of benefits:

Reduced stress and frustration Increased likelihood of achieving our goals A feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day

Here are four steps to better plan each and every day to get on a better path of achieving […]

Use a Mind Map to Organize Your Ideas

A mind map is a diagram that organizes information in a visual format. It is created around a central idea. Mind maps enables for organizing information around a complex topic. Mind mapping enables you to organize information you gather from different sources. Mind mapping helps in breaking down complex information so that you can more […]

The Value of Good Business Writing Skills

We all need to write – whether it is a business letter, a thank you note to a customer, or a proposal. Excellent business writing skills are valuable and necessary no matter your role in an organization. From individual contributors to executives, the ability to write business documents well is an essential skill.

Well written […]

Do You Have a Professional Network?

You need one!

Every professional needs a network. A network enables for:

Finding new opportunities Branding yourself Sharing knowledge Getting support in solving problems Learning from others Exploring new areas

There are two main thoughts on building a network – should you build and nurture a small network or have a larger one. For me […]

Four Ways to Get Value from Conferences

Having just returned from PMI Global Congress North America in Chicago, including serving as one of the members of the Ask the Expert group, I thought I would share four tips on how to get value from conferences. Conferences provide great value for professional development, but you need to have a plan to get the […]