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4 Ways to Take Control of Your Own Professional Development

4 Ways to Take Control of Your Own Professional Development

Not every organization provides employees options for professional development But employees can still increase their knowledge and build new skills in such organizations. Here are 4 ways to take control of your own professional development – building skills and increasing your knowledge to take on the next opportunity to achieve your career goals:

Take on […]

Communicate About the Rollout of Your Training Program


When rolling out new training programs in your organization, be sure to provide as much communication about the program as possible. This gets the employees excited about and interested in the program – thereby increasing the success of the program within the organization. Many of Abudi Consulting Group’s clients use a nomination and qualification process […]

Learn from Your Experiences – The Good, Bad and Ugly


We have any number of experiences in any given day – some are good, some bad and others just plain ugly. We can learn from any of them. The most effective leaders learn from their experiences. From a good experience they capture what went well so they can do the same thing the next time. […]

Reflect on Your Learning

When you attend a conference, a training program or read an article, white paper or case study, are you reflecting on the learning? Often times we invest significantly in our professional development, but what do we do with that learning?

Consider the following best practices the next time you attend a conference, a training program […]

Conferences = Benefits for the Employee and the Company

I was talking with a friend who tells me his company has stopped reimbursing for attendance at conferences and for fees for participation in professional memberships and communities of practice. When I asked their reason, he noted, “The company doesn’t see the value to supporting such things. My boss told me the company can’t continue […]