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Learn from Your Experiences – The Good, Bad and Ugly


We have any number of experiences in any given day – some are good, some bad and others just plain ugly. We can learn from any of them. The most effective leaders learn from their experiences. From a good experience they capture what went well so they can do the same thing the next time. […]

Are You Accessible and Available for Your Team?

If we aren’t traveling these days we are often on any number of phone calls during the day that keeps us locked up in our offices. This makes us unavailable to our team and leaves them feeling forgotten about and isolated. They may need our assistance and we are not accessible because we are tied […]

Do You Have Courage as a Leader?

Courage as a leader requires being honest with employees. It requires taking action to correct issues, but doing so with the goal of helping the individual to succeed in the long run. But it also requires that when progress is not made, action is taken in the best interests of the company and all employees.


Being an Effective Leader

Effective leaders do three things well:

Set direction Ensure alignment Gain commitment

They do this not with just a few departments or a couple of divisions but with the entire organization. The most effective leaders will take these steps:

Set direction for the organization – the vision, where the organization will be in 3, 5, […]

Do You Learn From Experience?

Do you learn from your experiences? The most effective leaders learn from their experiences of the week. They are willing, able and ready to learn – they are not arrogant enough to assume they know it all.

Learning from experience is especially essential in developing critical skills – communication, negotiation, emotional intelligence. Every day […]