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Using Collaboration Portals to Engage Learners

Engaging Your Remote Team

Collaboration portals are a great way to engage learners. At Abudi Consulting Group, a number of our clients who run year-long leadership programs for their employees partner with us to enable for a collaboration portal.

The Value of Collaboration Portals

Collaboration portals enable for a variety of benefits for learners, including:

A “safe environment” to […]

Using Action Planning in Leadership Development Programs

Plan Early to Ensure Participation and Keep Participants Engaged Throughout the Program

When using action planning as part of leadership development programs I always tell my clients a few things to consider:

Plan for action planning at the beginning of the leadership program Engage participants and their managers in what action planning is and why […]

Connecting Participants Between On-Site Sessions

Keep participants engaged in long-term development programs

Many management and high potential programs are longer term – sometimes lasting up to a year in duration. As a best practice, keep program participants engaged and actively participating in the program between on-site sessions in a variety of ways to enhance the learning and enable for increased […]