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Take your Evaluation of Training beyond the Initial Survey


Learning and Development professionals commonly evaluate training sessions at their conclusion. This feedback survey provides information about the effectiveness of the training days as well as the facilitator for the session.

As a follow up, however, consider asking participants their usage of the skills and knowledge they learned after they have had a chance to […]

Connecting Participants Between On-Site Sessions

Keep participants engaged in long-term development programs

Many management and high potential programs are longer term – sometimes lasting up to a year in duration. As a best practice, keep program participants engaged and actively participating in the program between on-site sessions in a variety of ways to enhance the learning and enable for increased […]

Best Practices for Developing Virtual Workshops for Executives

Most executives have limited time to take a class. However, just like everyone else in the organization, they need training in order to enhance their skills, build new skills and increase their knowledge as the organization continues to grow and change, expectations of clients change and the expectations of their employees change.

Certainly learning can […]

Quick Tips: Planning Contingencies for Your Training Programs

The best laid plans for running your training program frequently go astray. Things happen! Participants may arrive late to the workshop due to traffic or miscommunications, activities run longer than planned, discussions are going great and you don’t want to cut them short, brainstorming sessions are productive – no doubt you’ve experienced some of these […]

Best Practices for Writing Training Objectives

Training objectives describe what the participant in the workshop should be able to do when the training is complete. Training objectives seem to be easy to write, but they take considerable thought and practice to get right each time. For any workshop I’m developing, I don’t write training objectives once and forget about them. Rather, […]