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Using Case Studies in Training Programs

Training programs benefit employees when those employees are able to apply what they are learning in real-life situations. This is where case studies come in. Case studies, based on real-life situations within the organization and related to the employee’s responsibilities, enables for practicing new concepts learned in the classroom environment.

Here is how Abudi Consulting […]

Why Training Matters

It is an investment organizations must make

Training should be a component of every organization’s strategic plan. Training provides significant benefits for organizations including:

Providing employees the skills and knowledge necessary to move the organization forward Enabling for improved recruitment and retention of top talent Demonstrating to employees that the organization cares about them and […]

Developing Effective Learning Programs – Part III

A Client Story: Presenting the Report to the Client

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this client story for background information

The Client Report

Significant information was gathered from ACG’s evaluation of the current offerings and our small group meetings. The small group meetings provided the most relevant information as we were also able […]

Developing Effective Learning Programs – Part II

A Client Story: Evaluating the Programs

Read Part 1 of this client story for background information. Part 2 will focus on Abudi Consulting Group’s (ACG) one month evaluation project.

Evaluation of Current Offerings

ACG undertook an evaluation of current offerings – those programs developed and offered by the client and those programs offered via third […]

Developing Effective Learning Programs – Part I

A Client Story: Change is Needed

If learning programs you are bringing on-site or offering virtually to your employees are not enabling for application immediately back on the job, you need new programs. If the programs you are offering just don’t fit the bill any longer, you need to make changes to satisfy professional development […]