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Connecting Participants Between On-Site Sessions

Keep participants engaged in long-term development programs

Connecting Participants Between On-Site SessionsMany management and high potential programs are longer term – sometimes lasting up to a year in duration. As a best practice, keep program participants engaged and actively participating in the program between on-site sessions in a variety of ways to enhance the learning and enable for increased collaboration and relationship building with peers.

Consider these options to keep long-term leadership program participants engaged:

  • Utilize a collaboration portal or internal website to enable for communications between sessions. This site can also be used as a place to collaborate on problems, enabling group participation in sharing in problem solving and decision making.
  • Assign mini case studies or other activities such as reading and commenting on leadership books in order to keep the participants engaged in their learning.
  • Assign team projects for small group work to enhance cross-departmental collaboration and sharing of ideas and best practices.
  • Have webinars between sessions to continue learning. These webinars might be led by program participants.

These are just a few ways to enhance learning between on-site sessions for long-term leadership development programs. Each of these provide continued opportunities for participants to share best practices, successes and challenges, get support in solving business problems and continue to collaborate and build relationships with each other.

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