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Enabling for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing across the Organization


There is much knowledge within organizations that is rarely captured and shared. Additionally, some organizations don’t enable for collaboration to occur, which further reduces or hinders knowledge sharing across the organization.

Organizations that enable for collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization realize a number of benefits, including:

Improved communications Innovation in problem solving Reduced […]

Key Steps to Enable Knowledge Sharing across the Organization

The most successful organizations enable for employees at all levels to share knowledge, best practices and more effectively collaborate across the organization.

When employees share and collaborate, the following occur in the organization:

Problems are solved more creatively Innovative products and services are developed Teams are stronger and relationships among employees are strong Employees achieve […]

Support Employee Networking

Enabling for time for employees to network and socialize with each other during the work week encourages and promotes:

Sharing of knowledge and best practices Transfer of skills Innovative ideas and creativity in problem solving Less conflict among employees due to stronger relationships and more open communications

Enabling for networking time does not have to […]

Do All the Members of Your Team Have the Same Information?

Too often, especially with larger and/or virtual teams, all members do not have consistent information and/or they understand the information they have received differently. This is due to a number of factors including:

Lack of formal communications Lack of sharing information whether formally or informally Lack of understanding of a variety of cultural backgrounds on […]

Knowledge Sharing Best Practices

When new hires join an organization, as part of onboarding, I want to be sure there is a plan in place for other employees to share their organizational, department, division, customer and other knowledge about the job to the new hires in the department. Knowledge sharing from one individual to another is essential to the […]