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Setting a Strategic Goal of Cross-Functional Collaboration

Mini Case Study – Wrap Up

My readers who have been with me for a while may recall a three-part client case study I shared in 2016. In the case study, I shared the journey of a global Abudi Consulting Group client who was interested in increasing cross-functional and cross-geographical collaboration throughout the organization. You […]

Setting a Strategic Goal of Cross-Functional Collaboration

Kick Off Meeting

A mini case study – Part 2

Refer to Part 1 of this case study before reading Part 2.

Pulling Together the Team and Getting Them Started

The core team of 10 employees gathered together to lead the initiative, reporting directly up to the CEO, represented each division within the organization and each geographic location. […]

Enabling for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing across the Organization


There is much knowledge within organizations that is rarely captured and shared. Additionally, some organizations don’t enable for collaboration to occur, which further reduces or hinders knowledge sharing across the organization.

Organizations that enable for collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization realize a number of benefits, including:

Improved communications Innovation in problem solving Reduced […]