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Improving Communication through Building Rapport with Others

Building Rapport

Rapport: a positive and close relationship between individuals who understand each other’s feelings, ideas and communicate effectively with each other. (Definition adapted from

The ability to build rapport with others in the workplace enables for more effectively meeting goals and achieving objectives. We communicate better with others when we have established a rapport with […]

Develop a Communication Plan: BPI Project Success

Developing a strategic communication plan to communicate on business process improvement (BPI) projects greatly increases the success of the project overall. The communication plan should include how you will communicate about the project before it is officially started, early in the project launch, during implementation, during testing and feedback stages and how you will communicate […]

Regular Communication with Co-Workers

Building Rapport

The ability to communication and collaborate with co-workers above and beyond the normal need to work together is essential. Regularly communicating and collaborating with our peers enables for stronger working relationships and sharing of knowledge and best practices. This enables for solving problems more effectively and creatively as well as reducing conflicts that may arise […]

5 Ways to Control Your Anger with a Co-Worker

5 Ways to Control Your Anger with a Co-Worker

It is easy to lose control when a co-worker does something that angers us. However, losing control and getting angry only serves to impact the relationship with the co-worker in a negative way as well as leave a less than favorable impression of your leadership and communication skills.

Consider these 5 ways to manage your […]

Enabling for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing across the Organization


There is much knowledge within organizations that is rarely captured and shared. Additionally, some organizations don’t enable for collaboration to occur, which further reduces or hinders knowledge sharing across the organization.

Organizations that enable for collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization realize a number of benefits, including:

Improved communications Innovation in problem solving Reduced […]