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Do I Need to Handle this Conflict? A Mini Case Study

Consider this situation:

Two of your employees, Susan and Jack, are struggling with a difficult technical problem. Susan describes an approach to Jack for solving the technical problem that she finds compelling. “Doesn’t that make sense to you?” she asks, hoping that he is persuaded by her logic and will agree with her on the […]

Best Practices to Improve Concentration to Get Work Done

When we work to improve our concentration, we do a better job of getting projects completed. In fact, we better manage our time and reduce stress and frustration in reaching goals.

Here are a few ideas to improve concentration and better focus on getting work done:

Focus on one major task at a time. Ideally […]

Human Resource Professionals…Are You Building Relationships Throughout the Organization?

While everyone needs to build relationships within their organization, it is especially essential that human resource professionals do so! Building relationships is key to success for human resource professionals – especially in engaging employees in any number of initiatives that are ongoing within the organization.

The benefits of doing so are plentiful and will enable […]

Team Decision Making Best Practices

Assign roles and responsibilities to ensure decisions can be made by the team

Teams need to be able to make decisions to keep an initiative moving forward; all decisions can’t possibly be made, nor should they, by the team leader.

However, in order to enable for effective decision making by team members, assigned roles and […]

Key Steps to Enable Knowledge Sharing across the Organization

The most successful organizations enable for employees at all levels to share knowledge, best practices and more effectively collaborate across the organization.

When employees share and collaborate, the following occur in the organization:

Problems are solved more creatively Innovative products and services are developed Teams are stronger and relationships among employees are strong Employees achieve […]