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Leaders – Are you ensuring information is flowing in the organization?

You Don't Need to be a Leader to Lead!.jpg

If not, your goals and the strategy of the organization can’t be accomplished.

As an organization grows, especially one that grows rapidly, the flowing of information between leadership and employees becomes limited. When the organizations are smaller, information flows much more easily and freely from throughout the organization; leaders share more regularly and collaborate throughout […]

Do All the Members of Your Team Have the Same Information?

Too often, especially with larger and/or virtual teams, all members do not have consistent information and/or they understand the information they have received differently. This is due to a number of factors including:

Lack of formal communications Lack of sharing information whether formally or informally Lack of understanding of a variety of cultural backgrounds on […]

Why Do People Find Knowledge Sharing So Difficult in Their Professional Life?

Insecurity is the reason. If humans are insecure they would like to conceal whatever little knowledge they have. This is true not only in the professional scenario but in all walks of life. Large organizations know a lot of things, but they don’t always know what they know. Everyone benefits by sharing information.

It […]