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Best Practices to Improve Concentration to Get Work Done

Best PracticeWhen we work to improve our concentration, we do a better job of getting projects completed. In fact, we better manage our time and reduce stress and frustration in reaching goals.

Here are a few ideas to improve concentration and better focus on getting work done:

  • Focus on one major task at a time. Ideally do so at the point of time in a day when you have the highest energy (that’s morning for me!) Shut your office door (or, if you work in a cubicle, find a quiet place to work) and set aside sufficient time to complete the task.
  • Take time for breaks. Taking a break recharges us! Regardless of how urgent the task is, taking some time for a brief break will help you refocus.
  • Prioritize your work each day. Prioritize using any system that works for you. Prioritizing enables you to better focus on ensuring the right work is getting done to meet the most important objectives.
  • Keep email off and send phone calls to voicemail. In order to reduce distractions, turn off email and send your phone to voicemail. Set aside time later in the day to return emails and voicemails.

What are your best practices to improve your concentration when trying to get work done?

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