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The Value of Using Project Management to Get Work Done

Think about it. Much that you do each day is, effectively, a project to be completed. These “projects” may be simple or more complex, but regardless of what role you have within the organization – managing projects is likely to be one of the things you have to do! In order to effectively support the […]

Best Practices to Improve Concentration to Get Work Done

When we work to improve our concentration, we do a better job of getting projects completed. In fact, we better manage our time and reduce stress and frustration in reaching goals.

Here are a few ideas to improve concentration and better focus on getting work done:

Focus on one major task at a time. Ideally […]

What’s Impacting Your Ability to Manage Your Time?

We all have a number of tasks to accomplish in any given day! There is just too much to do to accomplish the goals and objectives we need to get done. It seems easy to say to just limit what you have to do; but that is rarely possible to do.

Here are a number […]