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Team Decision Making Best Practices

Assign roles and responsibilities to ensure decisions can be made by the team

Teams need to be able to make decisions to keep an initiative moving forward; all decisions can’t possibly be made, nor should they, by the team leader.

However, in order to enable for effective decision making by team members, assigned roles and responsibilities are essential so that team members are not stepping over each other.

Consider the following roles and responsibilities for team members to enable for more effective decision making:

  • Data gatherers: Individuals responsible for pulling together the information required for a decision to be made – data, input from others, historical information that is relevant, etc.
  • Inputters: Individuals who will provide input on the decision – their expertise, data, etc. These are also individuals who may need to implement the decision.
  • Decision makers: Individuals who are responsible for making the decision based on the input provided. These are likely your more senior members of the team or those with the most experience/expertise.
  • Reviewers: Individuals responsible for reviewing the decision before it is implemented to be sure it followed all appropriate processes/procedures for making a decision and the right individuals were involved.
  • Implementers: Individuals responsible for moving forward to implement the decision. They are likely tasked with getting others involved in implementation and ensuring implementation happens.

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