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Do I Need to Handle this Conflict? A Mini Case Study

Consider this situation:

Two of your employees, Susan and Jack, are struggling with a difficult technical problem. Susan describes an approach to Jack for solving the technical problem that she finds compelling. “Doesn’t that make sense to you?” she asks, hoping that he is persuaded by her logic and will agree with her on the […]

Resolving a Team Conflict: Take These Steps – A Mini Case Study

About 2 months ago a client asked me to come in to their office to help a 5-person project team resolve a conflict they were having on the team. She had tried to resolve it herself but was having difficulty getting the team to agree on a solution and felt an independent party may be […]

Have a Conflict – Keep it in Neutral

When talking about a conflict that needs to be resolved, keep the issue neutral and talk in objective terms. It is essential not to place blame, criticize the other party or imply the fault is all theirs. The conflict will never be resolved in this way. Talk about the conflict from the perspective of a […]

Resolving Conflicts between Team Members

Conflicts are common on every team. Expect them and let your team know to expect that conflicts will occur. Prior to a conflict occurring, however, work with the team to have a process in place for how conflicts will be managed and resolved when they do occur.

Consider these steps to resolve a conflict between […]

Manage Conflict among Employees

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. Anytime you have more than one person you are going to have conflict. Just because it is inevitable, however, doesn’t mean it should be managed. When conflict is not managed it just grows and causes:

Decreased productivity Increased stress Increased employee turnover Decreased employee engagement/job motivation

Conflict erodes trust […]