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Stop Micromanaging Your Employees

Set goals and define expectations instead!

In coaching a number of managers over the last couple of years, I have found that many of them micromanage employees because they have not defined expectations or collaborated with employees to set goals. For new managers, in particular, they may not know how to delegate effectively; thereby defaulting […]

Dealing with the Frustrations of Managing Others: A Mini Case Study

A big frustration for many managers is dealing with those who report up to them. And the more people reporting up to a manager, the more frustrating it can be managing a variety of personalities and trying to provide direct reports the attention necessary to keep them engaged in the organization.

Stan’s Situation

Stan manages […]

Keep the Peace by Not Asking “Why”

Sometimes we work with individuals who tend to be a bit defensive. Any time we may question something they did, or didn’t do, they may get their back up and act very defensive or get angry. I have found that the question, “Why,” often pushes individuals who are more defensive a bit over the edge. […]

Enabling Virtual Team Relationships – Part III

The first team meeting

Read Part I and Part II of our story for background information.

Everyone arrived on time for the start of the team meeting and seemed excited about what was ahead. Siraj was rather quiet during dinner, but Alice assumed it was because he was just a little shy. Mimi and Samantha […]

Enabling Virtual Team Relationships – Part II

Preparing for the team meeting

Read Part I of our story for the background information.

Alice needs to prepare for the initial team meeting, which will be held in 2 weeks. The meeting will be in the NYC office and will be two and a half days in length. Everyone is arriving on Monday evening […]