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Keeping Employees Engaged in a Boring Job

5 Things to Do

Not every job is interesting all of the time! Especially jobs where employees start right out of school and may be serving as a junior customer service representative or doing phone support. After a while the job seems boring and tedious. As a manager, however, it is important to keep employees […]

Dealing with the Frustrations of Managing Others: A Mini Case Study

A big frustration for many managers is dealing with those who report up to them. And the more people reporting up to a manager, the more frustrating it can be managing a variety of personalities and trying to provide direct reports the attention necessary to keep them engaged in the organization.

Stan’s Situation

Stan manages […]

How Effectively Are You Managing Your Time as a New Manager?

Try these best practices!

Too often new managers are not provided the skills they need to effectively learn how to manage their time and the time of their staff. This is common especially when a new manager is moving from an individual contributor role to a supervisory role with no past experience managing others. This […]

Increasing Your Comfort Level in Delegating to Employees

Granting Authority

Challenging for a number of managers is giving up a bit of authority when delegating work to employees. They may be “control freaks,” but more than likely they are just afraid something will go wrong. However, if you are going to delegate work to employees, you need to enable them authority to get […]

Delegating by capacity

Why do so many bosses manage according to the principal of “ I do most of the work. You ‘re just here to catch the overflow?”

Delegating is supposed to be about understanding the work flowing through your organization and then assigning that work based on skill sets and availability of the resources within your […]