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Build a Plan for Team Building

When you have decided to commit to team building on your team, build out your action plan to plan for team building. In this way, you’ll be sure that team building will be more than just some fun for the team (though that is important too!) but will also address the reasons why you are […]

Tips to Improve Teamwork across Cultural Boundaries


Most of the teams you will work on will involve virtual team members. And in many cases they will come from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Consider these best practice steps to improve teamwork that involves working with team members across cultural boundaries:

Communicate in a variety of ways (verbal and written)

Communicating in a […]

One Approach to Solving a Business Problem

Talking with a colleague the other day, he shared that he was tired of trying to solve business problems he was having on his own. He felt he needed to expand his options for solutions and likely, if he did so, would come up with even better solutions to the problems he was trying to […]

The Four Stages of Team Development – Part 3

An example of a team moving through the four stages – Part 3: A Team Working Well Together

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the case study.

Stage 3: Norming and Stage 4: Performing

Let’s skip to about 2 months into the initiative. The Stakeholder Support Committee was doing well working together. They had […]

The Four Stages of Team Development – Part 2

An example of a team moving through the four stages – Part 2: Storming

Read Part 1 of the case study.

Stage 2: Storming

Prior to the second meeting of the Committee, I reviewed the postings on the SharePoint® site. While overall the conversations were professional, in a few cases, committee members seemed to shoot […]