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Stop Micromanaging Your Employees

Set goals and define expectations instead!

In coaching a number of managers over the last couple of years, I have found that many of them micromanage employees because they have not defined expectations or collaborated with employees to set goals. For new managers, in particular, they may not know how to delegate effectively; thereby defaulting […]

A New Senior Leader’s First Few Months on the Job

When a new senior leader joins an oganization, the first few months should be focused on the following:

Getting to know the organization Understanding the culture Getting to know the people

When a new leader takes the time necessary to understand the “in’s and out’s” of the oganization, she increases her chances of success in […]

A New Supervisor’s First Day on the Job

A new supervisor’s first day on the job can be a stressful one. It may be that the supervisor was recently promoted and is now managing the work of individuals with whom she was a peer. Or, it may be a newly hired supervisor in the organization starting on day one not knowing anyone in […]

Are You a Leader? A Manager? Or Both?

There are many articles, white papers and other information on how a manager is different than a leader. And many theories on whether someone can effectively be in both roles. Certainly there are many definitions of what a leader or manager is; but for the purposes of this brief article, let’s define leaders and managers […]