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Do You Have Courage as a Leader?

Courage as a leader requires being honest with employees. It requires taking action to correct issues, but doing so with the goal of helping the individual to succeed in the long run. But it also requires that when progress is not made, action is taken in the best interests of the company and all employees.


Why Would You Want to Be a Manager Anyway?

For those who want to manage others – have you thought about why you want to do so? Is it for the supposed “power” that comes from telling others what to do? Is it because you want to control situations? Is it because you always what to put forward your own ideas and implement your […]

Tailoring Your Leadership Style to Your Employees

It’s so simple and makes a great impact!

The most effective leaders understand what style of management works for their direct reports. Too often, however, I see more of a selfish style of leadership. Meaning – I’ll lead as I want to and you (my employee) better adjust. Wrong and ineffective and it does not […]

Consequences of Micromanagement

Micromanagement is a curse word in the world of business. What is micromanagement? This article is written with the micromanager in mind, if you micromanage you are destroying your work environment. You are standing in your employee’s way. Why do managers get carried away in details? Do you know if you are micromanaging in the […]

3 Easy Ways to be a Great Leader

If you want to be seen as a great leader – a leader that people want to follow – start by doing the following:

Share your vision. You need a vision for the organization, and you must communicate that vision to your employees. Employees can only get behind a leader that has a vision and […]