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Do You Have Courage as a Leader?

Courage as a leader requires being honest with employees. It requires taking action to correct issues, but doing so with the goal of helping the individual to succeed in the long run. But it also requires that when progress is not made, action is taken in the best interests of the company and all employees.

Courageous leaders:

  • Have honest, open communications with others
  • Provide regular feedback on performance – both positive and constructive – and ensure that constructive feedback is detailed and complete and enables for the employee to take action to correct the situation
  • Addresses issues quickly, directly and fairly – ensuring they have all the information beforehand and don’t react to rumors or gossip or hearsay
  • Shares the leadership role – understands that others have expertise the leader may not have
  • Are not afraid to be wrong – after all we are all human and mistakes will be made

Courage leaders make the work environment a positive, productive one where employees enjoy the work, have up to the challenges and strive for the good of the organization.

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