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Are Your Employees Ambassadors for the Company?

Definition of company ambassadors: employees who act as a representative or promoter of the organization.

When employees are engaged in the organization, they feel valued and appreciated for the work they do. They love to go to work and want everyone to know about what a great job they have. They promote the products and […]

Problems with the Team Leader: A Mini Case Study – Part II

Read Part I for background information.

What should the project sponsor do to fix the issues the team is having with the team leader?

The project sponsor needs to intervene quickly to change this situation. First, prior to a meeting, he may want to review the background of the team leader. How much experience does […]

Problems with the Team Leader: A Mini Case Study – Part I

The team has been complaining frequently about the team leader. The project sponsor finally got the group together to understand the concerns he has been hearing. Here is what he heard about the team leader. She…

Tells the team members how to do their tasks Provides information on a “need to know” only basis Must […]

“Masculine” or “Feminine” Talk?

I am teaching an online course for Hesser College on Managing the Diversified Workplace. The book we are using, Opportunities and Challenges of Workplace Diversity, 2nd Edition, Canas & Sondak (Prentice Hall, 2011) discusses two types of speaking styles: Masculine and Feminine.

The masculine speaking style focuses on accomplishing goals: being assertive, establishing status […]

How Well Do You Manage Diversity?

In today’s global world the ability to effectively manage diversity is essential for success. To effectively manage diversity, you must see people for the individuals who they are and not as a member of a group. Additionally, keep in mind that we all stereotype – it is human nature. Once we understand that – […]