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Managing Employees Who Complain

We all need to manage employees who have a complaint. It is important to handle complaining employees effectively to help resolve the issue and get them back on track. Consider these best practices to manage employees who complain:

Do not make assumptions. We assume that when employees complain they are unhappy with the job. This […]

Effective One-On-One Meetings with Employees

Are you holding one-on-one meetings with your direct reports? If not, you should be! They are a great way to “check in” and to keep employees on track and engaged. Use one-on-one meetings to:

Follow up on progress of initiatives and projects to which the employee is assigned Work collaboratively with the employee to resolve […]

Encourage Your Employees’ Hearts

The best leaders in any organization encourage their employees’ hearts. This is one of the five practices of exemplary leadership shared by James Kouzes and Barry Posner in the book, The Leadership Challenge, 5th Edition.

We encourage the hearts of our employees when we recognize their efforts and contributions to the organization. We acknowledge […]

Tailoring Your Leadership Style to Your Employees

It’s so simple and makes a great impact!

The most effective leaders understand what style of management works for their direct reports. Too often, however, I see more of a selfish style of leadership. Meaning – I’ll lead as I want to and you (my employee) better adjust. Wrong and ineffective and it does not […]

If Managing People Were Easy…Everyone Would Do It! Part II

Managing people is not easy. In most businesses there are certain processes and procedures that must be followed; and in many cases flexibility in how you handle human resource issues is just not practical or feasible. If you haven’t read Part I yet, please read it first. In Part II we’ll look at some ways […]