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3 Easy Ways to be a Great Leader

If you want to be seen as a great leader – a leader that people want to follow – start by doing the following:

  1. Share your vision. You need a vision for the organization, and you must communicate that vision to your employees. Employees can only get behind a leader that has a vision and shares it.  By sharing a vision you engage your employees and get them excited about the possibilities. Help employees to understand where they fit into the big picture. Regularly ask for ideas from employees that will help the organization meet that vision.
  2. Be the ambassador for the company. Get out there in the public. Be a presenter, help out at your company’s booth at a conference, contribute to the company blog or newsletter, tweet for the company – find ways to get yourself out there. Be the face of the company – the one for stands out in front.
  3. Provide opportunities for your employees. Provide everyone in the organization – regardless of their role and responsibilities – the opportunity to continue to grow and enhance their skills. This may include working on special projects, spending time working with another business units, providing opportunities to attend conferences or workshops, contributing to the company blog or newsletter.

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