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4 Ways to Get to Know Your Employees

Employees Engagement

Often as leaders we get tied up in the everyday work we need to accomplish as well as in many meetings and forget about the importance of getting to know our employees and spending some time with them. Here are four ways for leaders that will enable them to get to know their employees.

One-on-one […]

How well do you Share Information with Your Team?

Sharing information with your team enables for building trust with them. Certainly there are some things that managers may not be able to share immediately with their team; but often the problem is not that they cannot share information, but that they will not – for whatever reason. Do you, as a manager,

Keep […]

Case Study: Increasing the independence of an overly dependent workgroup

Background: You manage a workgroup of 15 people responsible for customer service for one of the company’s largest and most profitable products. You have recently been promoted to the manager role having worked previously in other areas of the organization. In your most recent role, you had 10 people reporting up to you and they […]

Performance Management: Formal and Informal Methods

Regardless of what your organization does formally around performance management, as a manager you can provide regular performance feedback to your employees through a variety of formal and informal methods. This keeps your employees moving forward and engaged and enables them to make adjustments as needed to keep growing personally and professionally. And…when it finally […]

How Effective a Manager Are You?

Are you a good manager to your people? The most effective managers have these skills:


Brief Description


Listening requires really hearing and understanding what others are saying – not just the words coming out of their mouth. But reacting to their body language also and hearing the words behind the words. Listening […]