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Providing <em>Good</em> Feedback

The ability to provide good feedback is essential for every leader. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it is essential that you follow a number of best practices to ensure that the feedback is constructive for the individual receiving the feedback. While it is easier to provide positive feedback certainly, plan for positive feedback […]

Calming Down an Angry Employee - Part II

A Mini Case Study

Read Part I for background information.

What should Samantha do next?

Samantha needs to address the situation with Jack before it gets even more out of control. There is obviously something going on and it is undoubtedly impacting the team. It doesn’t seem to be impacting customers, but is likely […]

Calming Down an Angry Employee - Part I

A Mini Case Study

We all get upset at some point. Work may be piling up, we may feel as if we being unfairly saddled with tasks to do, we may be clashing with co-workers or we may just have stuff going on at home that is impacting work. Any of these situations can just […]

Performance Management: Formal and Informal Methods

Regardless of what your organization does formally around performance management, as a manager you can provide regular performance feedback to your employees through a variety of formal and informal methods. This keeps your employees moving forward and engaged and enables them to make adjustments as needed to keep growing personally and professionally. And…when it finally […]

Are You Taking Employee Survey Feedback to Heart?

Put a plan in place before sending out a survey

I know a number of companies who send out employee feedback surveys at least once a year; sometimes more. However, what happens to that information? The surveys are certainly easy enough to send out; the problem is looking at and using the data we receive […]