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Provide New Leaders a Mentor


Providing new leader a mentor achieves a number of benefits to the leaders as well as the organization, many of the benefits directly attributable to the bottom line. Mentors enables new leaders to be successful sooner in their role. Additionally, a mentor enables for:

Understanding and absorbing the corporate culture Learning business processes Learning about […]

Orienting a New Supervisor to the Job

The First Week

There is much for a new supervisor to accomplish in the role. In order to set them on the path to success in a supervisory role, ensure that the first week on the job enables them to acclimate to the organization and the supervisory role.

During the first week on the job […]

My Mentee is Not Engaged - Part II

A Mini Case Study on Mentoring Employees

Read Part I for background information.

Jackson reached out to the Mentor Program Director for support. He told him the story and said that he was probably not the best mentor for Jeb. It might be that Jeb just wasn’t interested in being mentored or simply that they […]

My Mentee is Not Engaged - Part I

A Mini Case Study on Mentoring Employees

Jackson has been mentoring Jeb for about four months under a new program established within the organization. Initially they met in a face-to-face meeting but all meetings after that have been via the phone since that seemed better for Jeb. Jackson decided it was time for another face-to-face […]

How Can I Move Up in the Organization?

A Mini Case Study on Mentoring Employees

Sammy has been working with the organization for a number of years, since he graduated college. His manager has consistently given him really good performance reviews. And his peers have always commented to him, and to his manager, that he is a great team player and they can […]