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How Effective a Manager Are You?

Are you a good manager to your people? The most effective managers have these skills:


Brief Description


Listening requires really hearing and understanding what others are saying – not just the words coming out of their mouth. But reacting to their body language also and hearing the words behind the words. Listening […]

Why Doesn’t My Staff Member Do a Good Job on Tasks I Assign Her?

Too often when an employee is not successfully completing tasks assigned, the manager’s first “go to” place is that the employee is lazy or just doesn’t care. This is, frankly, rarely the case. When employees are not doing good work with assigned tasks, it is usually due to any of the following:

The assignment isn’t […]

Managing a Negative Employee – Part II

A mini case study – a plan to address the situation

In Part I of the story we learned that Jack needed to address issues with one of his team members, Sam. Jack realized he should have handled this situation with Sam much sooner, certainly before it became so obvious to others outside their department […]

Managing a Negative Employee – Part I

A mini case study

Consider this story:

Jack manages a staff of 4 people in the accounts payable department of an IT company. The group has been working together for at least 8 years. In the last 4 months Jack has noticed that Sam has been really negative. At first, no one seemed to notice […]

Create an Environment that Supports Delegation of Projects

It isn’t easy, nor practical, to try to delegate projects to team members to accomplish when their plates are so full anyway that they can’t possibly take on another task. To delegate projects effectively, consider these best practices to ensure you are creating a culture and environment where your team has the time to take […]