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4 Ways to Get to Know Your Employees

Employees Engagement

Often as leaders we get tied up in the everyday work we need to accomplish as well as in many meetings and forget about the importance of getting to know our employees and spending some time with them. Here are four ways for leaders that will enable them to get to know their employees.

One-on-one […]

6 Ways to Build Strong Relationships with Your Customers

By building strong relationships with your customers you can do a better job of meeting their needs and keeping them with your business rather than moving off to the competition.

Try these simple techniques to build stronger relationships:

Take your customer out for coffee or lunch at least once a quarter just to “catch up.” […]

5 Things to do Today to Build a Better Relationship with Your Team

By building a better relationship with your team you’ll find that:

You can accomplish more in shorter periods of time The team functions as a true team rather than a group of individuals Conflicts are managed better among team members The team works together more effectively and efficiently The team gets “up to speed” on […]