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Engaging a Burned Out Team Member

Sometimes our team members get burned out. Let’s face it, we have all been there at some point. Especially in organizations that are on the go and team members move from project to project with barely a time to take a breath in between!

Burned out team members don’t have to stay that way! As […]

3 Simple Ways to Engage Your Staff

In today’s busy work environment, we are trying to juggle between “managing” and “doing” and we forget that we need to keep our staff engaged. Especially if, like others managers in nearly every other business, you are working with fewer resources on your team and those that are there have more work to do than […]

Tailoring Your Leadership Style to Your Employees

It’s so simple and makes a great impact!

The most effective leaders understand what style of management works for their direct reports. Too often, however, I see more of a selfish style of leadership. Meaning – I’ll lead as I want to and you (my employee) better adjust. Wrong and ineffective and it does not […]

How Are You Motivating and Inspiring Your Teams in Challenging Times?

We are all faced with challenging times and, likely, you are leading a team that is reduced in size with even more work to be accomplished to meet organizational goals and compete effectively in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace. How you motivate and inspire your teams in these challenging times makes all the difference […]

4 Ways NOT to be a Micromanager

No doubt somewhere in the past (or currently!) we have all had a micromanager. Someone who feels they need to watch over our shoulder and guide every task we do with step-by-step instructions. Maybe you have been one yourself in the past or currently are a micromanager. New managers in particular are susceptible to being […]