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3 Simple Ways to Engage Your Staff

In today’s busy work environment, we are trying to juggle between “managing” and “doing” and we forget that we need to keep our staff engaged. Especially if, like others managers in nearly every other business, you are working with fewer resources on your team and those that are there have more work to do than before.

Here are 3 simple ways to engage your staff:

  • Reach out to your staff individually to “check in” on them. Do this by walking around rather than staying holed up in your office. Even just 10 – 15 minutes a week spent on individual staff members will have a major impact on keeping your staff engaged.
  • At least once a month have one-on-one and team meetings with your staff. This enables you to check on progress of initiatives, help problem solve issues and enable your staff to connect with each other (during the team meetings). At least twice a year, get the team together just to relax. You might take them out to lunch or for coffee or get together as a group at dinner after work. Your goal here is to keep a close connection with your staff and enable them to come together as a team.
  • Regularly reach out to your staff and ask them if they have suggestions on changes to processes, procedures and best practices to get the work done. We often forget that when the work changes in some way, we need to review how it gets done. And who better to offer up suggestions on getting the work done in a more efficient and effective way than those who are doing the work day after day. And once changes are made and improvements are recognized, do not forget to give credit where it is due!

Try these 3 simple ways to keep your staff engaged today. They won’t take much effort and you’ll see an incredible impact on productivity and engagement among your staff.