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Using Strong Emotional Intelligence to Manage Conflicts: A Case Study

Many organizations focus on strengthening emotional intelligence (EI) of their management staff. While this is important, just as important is strengthening EI of all employees – at all levels, especially those employees who interact with customers. Strong emotional intelligence enables us to avoid or reduce conflicts and to manage through them when they do occur. […]

Supporting Front Line Customer Service Employees

Give them a break!

Customer support is not an easy task! No one calls to share good news or ask how you are doing. They are calling with a problem and want it solved. And they are likely upset and frustrated.

Customer service employees must have a thick skin and not take complaints (and […]

Is Two Better than One?

In today’s society we want everything better, faster, and more efficient than it once was. In fact, some of us want it cheaper as well. Even though we live in an environment of constant change and improvement, most of us have learned to adapt and even expect more than is even currently available. Pondering the […]

15 ways to improve your customer service

Improving customer service is essential to all companies. Even the best ones keep improving all the time. But did you know that staffing your call center with enough people might be wrong? Where should you start if you struggle with unhappy customers? That’s what I had in mind when I compiled these fifteen bullet points.


What Drives Your Clients Crazy?

And what are you doing to change things??

Consider both your internal and external clients. What drives them nuts? What practices or processes do you have in place that are not conducive to good customer service?

Let’s look at some examples of what might be driving your clients crazy:

When employees contact HR for benefit […]