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Use Surveys and Interviews to Gauge Training Needs

There are a number of methods to determine training needs of employees. In trying to keep it simple, but still effective and with usable data, over the years I have found that a combination of online surveys and in-person or virtual interviews provides data and information to enable for improved planning.

Training programs are not […]

What is Your Training Strategy?

Every organization needs a strategy around training employees. A training strategy provides a number of benefits. A training strategy enables for learning and development or human resource professionals to link training to organizational goals and to show the value of investments in training programs.

A training strategy also helps to ensure that the right type […]

Helping Learners Build Confidence

A few months ago I was meeting with a client for lunch and we were discussing challenges he was having within the training department. He told me that his biggest challenge is getting the employees who take training to apply the skills back on the job. And it wasn’t the usual problem – managers who […]