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What Drives Your Clients Crazy?

And what are you doing to change things??

Consider both your internal and external clients. What drives them nuts? What practices or processes do you have in place that are not conducive to good customer service?

Let’s look at some examples of what might be driving your clients crazy:

  • When employees contact HR for benefit information, are they told to call an 800 number to get the information direct from the provider?
  • When your clients call the help desk, do they have to jump through hoops just to get an answer to a simple question?
  • Is the refund policy for your store so convoluted and complex that your clients can’t make sense of it?
  • Do you “nickel and dime” the clients for your consulting business? (Charging for every single little thing)
  • Do you keep asking your clients to provide the same data over and over again because you don’t keep track of it?

These are really all easy fixes! Too often, however, companies neglect to make changes that would provide better support to their clients. They get too wrapped up in what has worked in the past and what has been always done.

In order to stop driving your clients crazy and make it easier for them to work with you and the organization – take these best practice steps:

  • Regularly get feedback from internal and external clients about their experiences with you and the organization.
    • What’s working? What’s not working?
  • Regularly evaluate your processes (as if you were a client).
    • What needs to change to better support clients?
  • Evaluate your performance against your competition.
    • How do you distinguish yourself in customer service?
    • What do you do to outshine the competition?

Make the necessary changes to be sure to improve how you interact with your clients. Once you make changes – re-evaluate how you are doing. Reach back out to your internal  and external clients and ask them how things are going.

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