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Project Scorecard: 11 tips to reach the next level!

Reinvent your project scorecard

Have you ever considered using a project scorecard?

Bain research places the Balanced Scorecard as the sixth most used management instrument in the world.

Harvard Business Review labels the Balanced Scorecard as “one of most influential management ideas of the past 75 years” according to.

Yes, the Balanced Scorecard is great. And you can easily use […]

Is the Company Culture Right for You?

Too often we join an organization without really understanding the culture of that company and whether it is right for us. We are excited about the opportunity, the role we will be taking on and the people who interviewed us, but we haven’t really thought about if it is the right place for us to […]

Supporting Front Line Customer Service Employees

Give them a break!

Customer support is not an easy task! No one calls to share good news or ask how you are doing. They are calling with a problem and want it solved. And they are likely upset and frustrated.

Customer service employees must have a thick skin and not take complaints (and […]

15 ways to improve your customer service

Improving customer service is essential to all companies. Even the best ones keep improving all the time. But did you know that staffing your call center with enough people might be wrong? Where should you start if you struggle with unhappy customers? That’s what I had in mind when I compiled these fifteen bullet points.


Are You Prepared for New Competition to Your Business?

It’s easy enough for businesses to track current competition – we know who they are and we can keep an eye on them. But what about future competition to the business? I was working with a client the other day to develop a strategy around better competing in their marketplace; which includes how to […]