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What Could You Learn From a Bunch of Clowns?

James Lawther has worked for 20 years (and a bit more) in all sorts of operational roles, from counting frozen peas to chasing tax avoiders. Currently he is the Head of Operational Excellence for a FTSE 100 company. He writes about customer service operations at Squawk Point,

It was raining, hard.

I […]

Is Your Smile Your USP?

Customer service, service with a smile – terms we’re all familiar with but what do they really mean when put into practice? Let’s think about a situation that is commonplace around the world these days, the ‘boutique’ coffee shop. Quite a phenomenon considering twenty years ago or so they didn’t exist and now they […]

Focus on the Customer to Ensure Business Success

A recent video on Business on Main – Cool Runnings – profiled Zane’s Cycles based in Connecticut. Zane’s Cycles focus in on the customer and, in particular, creating lifelong customers. I particularly enjoyed this video because it emphasizes a point I’ve been making for a number of years – it is ALL about the customer! […]

A Great Example of Customer Service

We received an email from the Co-Founder and CEO of Netflix recently apologizing for their approach to their business and its effect on their customers. The subject line: “An Explanation and Some Reflections.” Reed Hastings (Co-Founder and CEO) starts off the email noting that he has received feedback over the past 2 months that members […]

Why Customer Service is a Feeling

Customer service is the backbone of any organization. Location might be important, your product might be important, your skills might be important, but without customers you’ll fail. In this article I am going to write about customer experience and how organizations should think to become customer centric.

Who contributes to customer experience?

Customer service […]