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Are You Cultivating a Culture of Participation Among Employees?

Employees want to be involved and engaged in the organization. They want to be a part of something. Successful organizations – those who achieve their goals, continue to grow and prosper, compete effectively and recruit and retain top talent – are those organizations that encourage and expect participation from their employees in the organization.

This […]

Evaluating the Culture of an Organization

When I am asked by a client to help them evaluate the culture within their organization, there are two steps I take:

Evaluate the organization informally (interactions among people) Evaluate the organization formally (processes and procedures)

To do both well, I spend time within the organization getting to know the individuals. This includes traveling to […]

Create an Environment that Supports Delegation of Projects

It isn’t easy, nor practical, to try to delegate projects to team members to accomplish when their plates are so full anyway that they can’t possibly take on another task. To delegate projects effectively, consider these best practices to ensure you are creating a culture and environment where your team has the time to take […]

Is the Company Culture Right for You?

Too often we join an organization without really understanding the culture of that company and whether it is right for us. We are excited about the opportunity, the role we will be taking on and the people who interviewed us, but we haven’t really thought about if it is the right place for us to […]

What Does Your Company Culture Convey?

At the Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA) two day conference last week, one of the general session speakers, Michael Stallard of E Pluribus Partners, spoke on corporate cultures, and specifically the importance of having a “connection culture.”

He talked about how having a “connection culture” enables businesses to increase the employee’s sense of connection to […]