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What Does Your Company Culture Convey?

At the Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA) two day conference last week, one of the general session speakers, Michael Stallard of E Pluribus Partners, spoke on corporate cultures, and specifically the importance of having a “connection culture.”

He talked about how having a “connection culture” enables businesses to increase the employee’s sense of connection to […]

Time: The ultimate currency

How do you measure effectiveness and efficiency? Odds are, you have mountains of reports sent your way, or that you generate yourself, showing all sorts of permutations of cost. Budgets, performance vs. budget, unit cost, production costs, support ratios, hourly costs, deliverable cost, run time, burn rates, overheads…..the volume of data thrown your way is […]

Stop Sucking Up and Start Helping Out

I really despise sycophants. You see them everywhere. They’re at work, of course, currying favor with bosses and coworkers by heaping nothing but praise upon the less-than-deserving. They can be overt or subtle, but they are there. At best, people will state that these folks “never have anything bad to say” and consider them to […]

Understanding the Corporate Culture – Key Questions to Ask Yourself

When first joining an organization, regardless of the role, it is important that you take time to understand the corporate culture. There are a variety of ways to do this, including getting to know the other departments and their function/purpose within the organization and introducing yourself to others within the organization.

To understand the culture […]