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What Does Your Company Culture Convey?

At the Northeast Human Resource Association (NEHRA) two day conference last week, one of the general session speakers, Michael Stallard of E Pluribus Partners, spoke on corporate cultures, and specifically the importance of having a “connection culture.”

He talked about how having a “connection culture” enables businesses to increase the employee’s sense of connection to their particular job function and their role, their colleagues and the business as a whole.  As you can imagine, companies that have a connection culture have many more engaged employees who are excited about their role in the organization and want to give their best every day at work.

Too often companies have a culture that is not conducive to an engaged workforce. They do not allow for participation by employees and do not convey an atmosphere of caring and mutual respect. Employees are unhappy and productivity suffers. Eventually – good people walk out the door to work where they are appreciated. In his presentation, Michael noted that task excellence is a big focus for many organizations and there is little, or no, focus on relationship excellence. What a shame! A company’s culture is their best competitive advantage!

Your thoughts? What are some of the worst and best you have seen as it relates to the culture within an organization? Please share in the Comments field below. Thanks!

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