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Are You Accessible and Available for Your Team?

If we aren’t traveling these days we are often on any number of phone calls during the day that keeps us locked up in our offices. This makes us unavailable to our team and leaves them feeling forgotten about and isolated. They may need our assistance and we are not accessible because we are tied […]

Trust and Accountability: They Go Hand-in-Hand!

Accountability among team members does not occur until trust is built. Since trust doesn’t just happen, if you want to enable for and encourage accountability on your team, you will have to focus your efforts initially on enabling the team members to get to know each other. Once they get to know each other, they […]

Have You Built Trust with Your Team?

In order to increases your chances of success on your initiative, it is essential to build trust with your team. Trust doesn’t just happen – you have to work at it. Remember – building trust starts with you!

Consider the following ways to build trust with the team:

Establish strong relationships with team members Follow […]

Do You Need to Rebuild Trust?

Trust is difficult to gain but easy to lose. And once we lose the trust of our staff, we need to work extra hard to rebuild that trust. We lose the trust of our staff when we do any of the following:

Are dishonest or withhold information or knowledge Don’t match what we say with […]

Building Trust

Training is Not Usually the Answer!

I often hear from clients that there are “trust issues” in the organization. Some clients see these issues fairly quickly and respond; others know deep down it exists but wait until they have no choice but to react. In nearly all cases, I’m asked about facilitating a workshop on […]