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4 Ways to Ensure Employee Accountability for their Work


In order to hold employees accountable for their work and meeting goals, it is important that managers are clear when assigning tasks or projects. Employees cannot be expected to be held accountable if what they need to accomplish is unclear or confusing.

Here are 4 ways to ensure employee accountability for work or projects assigned: […]

Trust and Accountability: They Go Hand-in-Hand!

Accountability among team members does not occur until trust is built. Since trust doesn’t just happen, if you want to enable for and encourage accountability on your team, you will have to focus your efforts initially on enabling the team members to get to know each other. Once they get to know each other, they […]

Best Practices for Enabling Accountability on a Virtual Team

Accountability is necessary on virtual teams in order to ensure work flows between team members to accomplish goals. Here are just a handful of best practices to enable for and foster accountability among virtual team members:

Ensure roles and responsibilities are set and clear

Roles and responsibilities on the team should be agreed to at […]

Building Trust

Training is Not Usually the Answer!

I often hear from clients that there are “trust issues” in the organization. Some clients see these issues fairly quickly and respond; others know deep down it exists but wait until they have no choice but to react. In nearly all cases, I’m asked about facilitating a workshop on […]