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Do You Need to Rebuild Trust?

Do You Need to Rebuild TrustTrust is difficult to gain but easy to lose. And once we lose the trust of our staff, we need to work extra hard to rebuild that trust. We lose the trust of our staff when we do any of the following:

  • Are dishonest or withhold information or knowledge
  • Don’t match what we say with what we do
  • Make promises we cannot or won’t keep
  • Talk about one staff member to another
  • Breach confidentiality
  • Take credit for work they do and place blame on them when things go wrong

This article will focus on a few ways to rebuild trust with your staff.

First, acknowledge that you have made mistakes and that you know you have lost the trust of your staff. Be sincere and let them know that you want to rebuild that trust and you realize it will take a while. When working to rebuild trust remember that you will be in the spotlight. Your staff does not trust you and likely will be suspicious of your efforts. That’s OK – it will take time; but if you persevere, you will begin to rebuild trust with your staff.

Be sure to do the following when working to rebuild trust:

  • Do not make promises you cannot keep.
  • Do what you say you will do. Actions often speak louder than words!
  • Hold yourself to the same standard you hold your team. For example, if you team is expected to be in the office by exactly 9 AM; you be in the office by at least 8:45 AM.
  • Know what is important to your staff as it relates to the workplace and work hard to ensure that you protect what is important to them.
  • Similarly, go to bat for your staff with your own manager. Be sure they know you have their backs.
  • Socialize with your staff; let them get to know you.
  • Mistakes happen. Admit when you make a mistake rather than trying to hide it.
  • Listen carefully to others before you react. When we listen carefully we better understand the other person’s point of view. Ask for clarification to ensure understanding.
  • Acknowledge the great work of your staff and ensure that they get the credit they deserve from you and from your manager.
  • Take the blame when things go wrong.
  • And ask for feedback!

What do you do to build trust with your staff?

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