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Leadership Challenge: Engaging the Workforce

Often executives don’t believe the need to engage the workforce is one of their tasks. That usually falls, in their opinion, with the human resources department. However, it is a key responsibility of all executives in the organization to engage the workforce.

This doesn’t have to be an onerous task. But does require leadership to […]

Enabling for Employee Decision Making

As we climb the ladder into more senior leadership roles, we have to rely on others to accomplish goals and meet objectives. We can’t continue to do it all as we take on more responsibilities at a leadership level. However, many leaders are not comfortable delegating authority to employees. They are afraid of what might […]

The Value of Patience

When leaders display patience – a necessary skill for effective leadership – they are more likely to lead a long-term successful organization. Certainly making snap decisions and doing little planning and being impatient with people when they don’t move fast enough may get you what you need in the short term, but it is not […]

Do You Have Courage as a Leader?

Courage as a leader requires being honest with employees. It requires taking action to correct issues, but doing so with the goal of helping the individual to succeed in the long run. But it also requires that when progress is not made, action is taken in the best interests of the company and all employees.


Are You Compassionate Enough?

There is a fine line between being too compassionate – avoiding conflict in the interest of always having harmony or making too many concessions rather than addressing challenges – and being not compassionate enough – care only about results, not the people or show a complete lack of sympathy for the problems of others.

A […]